Coprexma and CBS to build new LPMA training vessel

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Naval architect Coprexma has been selected to provide the design of the new training vessel for the Étel navigation and aquaculture college.

The project has been carried out in collaboration with the Chantier Bretagne Sud group, which will build the ship in Étel. Partly funded by the State as part of the recovery plan, the training vessel will be a technological showcase and an educational tool for the training of the seafarers of the future.

The construction project of Lymaret II (Lycée Maritime d’Etel II) has its origins in the requirement by Lycée professionnel maritime et aquacole d’Étel (LPMA) to modernise its training facilities.


Lymaret II is planned as both a technological showcase and an educational tool

It is designed to provide better accommodation conditions for young people, offer new navigation facilities and will be more environmentally friendly.

It dovetails with the requirements of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Recovery Plan and has thus benefited from ‘aid for the development of ships and boats improving the energy or environmental performance of the fishing and aquaculture sectors’.

The key innovation in this training vessel’s design lies in its 184kW parallel hybrid propulsion. It will be outfitted with modern navigation systems which complement the navigation simulator at the college, and the design includes provision of an optimal safety and comfort environment on board.

Lymaret II will have a 11.98 metre overall length and a 5 metre beam, will be built in aluminium, a completely recyclable material

This low-energy, low-impact vessel will have hybrid propulsion and a battery bank partly powered by solar panels. This will provide it with an endurance of three house at five knots for activities in the estuary, with a zero-emission operating mode, as well as a zero discharge approach due and an effective system for managing waste and polluting discharges (black water, grey water, oils), make it a more environmentally friendly ship.

The wheelhouse will have a visual link with the classroom and will be outfitted with berths and showers for students and instructors, a mess area, and a large engine space allowing easy access for work to be carried out safely. This was one of the primary concerns of the college, the staff of which have been involved with the project from the start.

Students will also be closely involved in monitoring the construction. This will allow them to become familiar with new technologies and to understand various aspects of their job. They will make visits to the yard to closely follow the process of building a ship, its operation and maintenance.

Coprexma is currently carrying out the design studies and the plans for the construction which is expected to begin in June for a launch scheduled for the spring of 2023.

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